Naples, the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii

Naples is as bright as the sun as are its inhabitants and is full of attractions and places of artistic and architectural interest.
It has an exceptional geographic location, it dominates the Bay of Naples and is close to the vulcan Mount Vesuvius and Campi Flegrei. The artistic beauty of Naples is protected by UNESCO, it is one of the major cities of the ancient Greeks, and its origin is located between the ninth and eighth centuries BC It ‘s easy to be charmed by this city either for its quaint streets or for its magnificent waterfront where the Castel dell’ Ovo stands and dominates the Gulf. But it is not the only castle in this city: there are the famous Angevin Castle, Castel Capuano and Castel Sant ‘Elmo.
There are also ancient buildings of historical importance, fountains that were the great symbol of power and churches in a variety of architectural styles. A tour of the city has to include the area of ​​the ancient Teatro San Carlo which has the reputation of being the oldest working theater in Europe.

Nearby Naples and easily accessible due to our transport service, is Pompeii. The ancient pagan city is famous because of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD that completely covered it with ash. The casts of the people who died there now represent a tragic testimony to the catastrophe ,while the countless discoveries of paintings, pottery, ornaments and various tools help you understand the habits and customs of ancient Pompeii and constitute a complete and living testimony of the society and of daily life at a specific time in the past. A visit to this archaeological site of a distant world that vanished long ago will no doubt convey extraordinary genuine emotions.

The Amalfi Coast, that stretch of the Campanian coast overlooking the Gulf of Salerno is an unparalleled natural beauty. In the warm season it offers breathtaking views and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor trips, relaxing on the beach, or sipping cocktails in the main city centers.
The Amalfi Coast is known for its diversity: each town has its own character and its own traditions. But one of the most interesting aspects is the culinary experience: some typical products that must be tasted are limoncello liqueur made from lemons in the area, anchovies and canned fish produced in Cetara.

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