Riviera del Brenta and its Villas

Riviera del Brenta

A tourist trip in the Venetian hinterland and a jump back in time to relive the glories of the Serenissima.. On board modern boats you will sail on the waters of the Brenta river, the natural extension of the Canal Grande and admire the sumptuous residences along its banks, following in the footsteps of the Venetian nobility and famous artists and personalities of the past centuries.
If you want to experience this enchanting experience by water, we will accompany you in coach or minibus to the departure point of the tour. Or, depending on your needs, we can take you to visit the various beautiful villas in the area, where you will discover a fascinating world of long-lost splendor that is still tangible thanks to the magical atmosphere created by history, culture and scenery.
The Brenta Riviera has always played the role of liaison between the lagoon of Venice and Padua and occupies a position that is linked to both land and the sea, This is why so many restaurants are offering high quality food and imaginative dishes.

Villa Pisani, Stra

One of the most renowned Venetian villas of the Riviera del Brenta, Villa Pisani, became the site of a National Museum which houses works of art and furniture of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Do not miss the tourist stop along the Brenta River to visit the magnificent villa of the noble Pisani and its luxurious rooms where doges, kings and emperors stayed.
Villa Pisani hosts major exhibitions of ancient, modern and contemporary art. In the magnificent park that enchants for the spectacular views there is the famous maze of boxwood hedges , among the most important in Europe, where the traditional game of masked ladies and knights took place.

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