Milan and Turin


In the north west of our beautiful country is the incredibly charming city of Turin. When you go to this city, for the first time you can not but remain enthralled. Full of history and full of life , the center of European and international culture, Turin is a city of monuments, palaces, churches, squares and events.
For those who hunger for art and culture the city offers the largest European collection of Egyptian artefacts, an extraordinary exhibition of film art in the National Museum of Cinema, works and installations of contemporary art en plein air by artists of international renown.
Not only is it one of the places of worship for contemporary art, but also one of the homelands of chocolate : it’s enough just to mention the famous bicerin or pralines and chocolate liqueur.


It is the city of fashion, cocktails, celebrities and business premises but Milan also offers tourists centuries of history of artistic experimentation, destruction and reconstruction, cultural and scientific fervor.
Often hated or loved, the city is certainly peculiar and unique. With its long literary, artistic, musical, and scientific tradition Milan has always been a hub of culture, and many traces of its past are now housed in major museum collections.
Some examples of these small and great treasures? The note Brera Art Gallery , which houses works of art of extraordinary artistic value, the famous Duomo, the Castello Sforzesco which includes in its museums the Rondanini Pietà by Michelangelo and offers visitors the most varied collections, the Egyptian Museum, the Museum of prehistory and Early History, the Museum of Ancient Art.
We invite you to discover this priceless heritage that the signatures of the great architects, painters, sculptors and craftsmen have consigned to history and art.

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