Tuscan art cities: Florence, Pisa, Siena

Florence, cradle of the Renaissance

The county seat of the region of Tuscany is a hidden treasure with countless jewels, and it is impossible to summarize its beauty in a few words. Not only is Florence the symbol of the Renaissance, with its churches, monuments and buildings of the sixteenth century, but it is also home to amazing museums like the “Uffizi” whose collections testify the greatness of Italian art that the whole world envies.
Some famous names that have left traces of their works in Florentine art and literature? Leonardo da Vinci, Giotto, Botticelli, Cimabue, Piero della Francesca, Dante Alighieri, Francesco Petrarca, Giovanni Boccaccio.
However Florence is not only art, it is also the home of hospitality and of the Florentines with their weird funny accent, it is the city of the birth of the Italian language and of excellent wine, good tasty food and delicious meat.

Pisa and the Leaning Tower

An ancient town, once a naval base for ancient Rome, a rival of Venice, Genoa and Amalfi as a maritime power. Today Pisa is no longer on the sea; it is located a few kilometers from the Tyrrhenian Sea and is a popular tourist destination.
It is known throughout the world for its famous leaning tower which seems to be forever on the verge of falling and much of the tourism is concentrated in the Piazza del Duomo (Campo dei Miracoli) where the tower is located, surrounded by beautiful architecture. Much of the fame of the tower is also due to Galileo Galilei who, according to legend to prove his theorem of falling bodies, would go up to the top and throw objects of different materials onto the ground.
But Pisa is not only the tower! Churches, palaces, historical buildings are scattered around this town and a tour through its streets will leave you breathless!

Siena and the Palio

One of the most visited cities in Tuscany and in Italy, a wonderful example of medieval architecture placed in the hills of Tuscany, surrounded by valleys created by flowing rivers, Siena is an elegant center full of glorious traditions. Siena and its vast Piazza del Campo, its monumental cathedral and its noble streets steeped in history has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
It is famous throughout the world not only for its unique urban layout but also for the famous Palio horse race that takes place in the Piazza del Campo: this historic medieval festival is considered to be one of the most characteristic traditional events in Italy.

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