Emilia Romagna: entertainment and culture

A region that takes its name from the Via Emilia, the ancient Roman road that connected the Adriatic Sea to the northern valleys. A tourist trip through history, nature, hospitality and entertainment awaits you in Emilia Romagna.
Not only is it rich in art cities such as Bologna, Ferrara and Ravenna where the visitor can breathe the history of places and artists but it also offers sea and fun: more than one hundred kilometers of beaches along the Adriatic coast, plenty of hotels, restaurants, clubs, cinemas, theaters and theme parks.
Romagna is a land of taste: along the country roads, wine and food lovers can find over a thousand eating places from farms and wineries to cheese producers, sausage and salami factories and farm holidays to meet your demanding palates!


Also called ” Dotta”, because of its ancient university, and ” Grassa” for its gastronomy, the city boasts a historic medieval center crawling with local taverns, theaters and workshops that is one of the most extensive and best preserved in Europe, and.
Home to great artists such as Giorgio Morandi, Guido Reni, the Carracci , Guercino, with its art and its history Bologna surprises the traveler in all seasons, from the festive summer atmosphere to the magic of Christmas lights.
Renowned for its towers and arcades that are the longet ones in the world, it is home to prestigious cultural, economic and political institutions and to one of the most advanced exhibition centers in Europe.
City of art and culture, it has twelve civic collections:- a national one, four ecclesiastical, four private, sixteen universities and a precious Jewish Museum.


A town full of poetry, located in a fascinating area of ancient lagoons, river valleys and the spectacular Po Delta.
A tour in this magnificent town where you must savour every detail will let you discover the soul of a quiet unpretentious city which still echoes the splendor of its glorious past as the capital of the Renaissance.
Do not miss the Palazzo dei Diamanti, the jewel of the Renaissance, and the many museums that stand witness to the many centuries of art and culture that the city has experienced. The Estense Castle, the former residence of the Dukes , and the religious middle age buildings are another “must”.
If all this walking makes you hungry, try to take advantage of the popular “hats” (tortellini stuffed with pumpkin and parmesan) or the famous macaroni.


Ravenna is a treasure trove of art, history and culture. It is the city of mosaics , an ancient city that was elected the capital of the Roman Empire three times before it became first the capital of the Goth king Theodoric and then the capital of the Byzantine Empire in Europe. The magnificence of this period has left a great legacy to the city of monuments, and eight buildings are now part of the eight UNESCO World Heritage: the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia , the Baptistery of the Orthodox , the Arian Baptistery , the Basilica of Sant’ Apollinare Nuovo, the Chapel of St. Andrew, the Mausoleum of Theodoric , the Basilica of San Vitale and the Basilica of St. Apollinaris in Classe .
The city also has the remains of Dante Alighieri and keeps his memory alive with important events.
A stone’s throw from the sea, Ravenna also offers a rich variety of opportunities for beach holidays, sun, relaxation and fun in theme parks such as Wonderland.

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